Michael Palmer


"I am a painter, so for the most part my work has to speak for itself.

If I were a writer or speaker I would be more verbal."

So states Michael Palmer, an artist whose work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and abroad.

His works have received awards in national competitions and hang in the collections of many museums

and notable public and private collections.

"I approach a painting surface with a few, if any, preconceived ideas

and let some spontaneous dashes of random color kick off a chain of actions

that suggest a direction and eventually a general subject."

Palmer's ink and acrylic work deals with the flow of color and light patterns

that finally suggest a landscape or figure viewed from an unusual perspective.

He creates a mood through color sliding into color abruptly cut by a strong contrast.

"I am gratified when people respond to my work, but for me the process of creating it is

what I am all about"

                                                                                                                                                       Michael Palmer



"Good Bottom Land II"   36X36   Acrylic on canvas


"Flee market in Rome"   36X36   Acrylic on canvas


"Semi-rural"   36X48   Acrylic on canvas


"Altitude 6300"   48X36   Acrylic on canvas


"West Bank"   36X48   Acrylic on canvas


"Unpainted"   60X48   Acrylic on canvas   $4500


"Whistle Stop"   48X60   Acrylic on canvas



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