Nancy Diefenbach


Nancy Diefenbach graduated from the Moore College of Art in 1961 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Her interest and training was fashion design, but a three dimensional design class that allowed her to experiment with sculpture in plastic, metal, clay and plaster.

The teacher in that class pushed her in a way that it would redirect her thinking years later in the hills of Vermont.

After raising two children Nancy enrolled at Johnson State and earned a Master Degree in Education.

She taught art in the St. Johnsbury School District and in 1988 was honored as the Outstanding Teacher in the State.

Her study of stone carving began at the Carving Studio in Proctor, Vermont in 1989.

She uses primarily Vermont marble in her work and turns raw stone from the earth into splendidly soothing works of contemporary art.



Mvc-004s.jpg (108348 bytes)

"Mirror of Delight"   Marble    11X5X17


Mvc-002s.jpg (113136 bytes)

"Encircled"   Marble    16X5X18



For more information on Nancy Diefenbach and a full collection of her work currently available

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