William Thomson



It is very difficult to put William Thomson in a particular category of painters.

His versatility in styles, mediums, influences and creativity are as rare as they are amazing.

This very hard working and prolific painter has touched thousands of viewers

in a nearly forty-year-long career.

But success and glamour have never been his forte.

Winning almost every contest he entered for many years, showered with prestigious awards and medals

he remains unknown and underestimated.

In a world where recognition and fame doesn’t necessarily mean talent and ability, he remains

honest to his beliefs, away from the spot light concentrating on the work he dedicated his life to.

In Thomson’s paintings you can find influences of some of the greatest painters in visual art history from

Rembrant, Velazques, VanGogh, Modgilliani to Homer, Whistler, Eakins and Wyeth, to mention a few.

But he doesn’t concentrate on painting like them or trying to copy what has been done.

It seems like he plays with their brushes, paints and surfaces making them alive again

adding an element of freshness and his own creativity and improvisation.

Either in oil, alkyd, watercolor, casein, acrylic, egg tempera or encaustic

William Thomson concentrates on paint applications and nuances of color

creating an array of powerful images from classical portraits to very complex abstracts

from deep somber to very clever humor.

No matter what the subject is his paintings draw one’s eye

and don’t let go without leaving some emotional impact.

Those who know him as a person as well as his enormous range of creativity

are not afraid to declare him one of the best American painters alive.

It is only a question of time for the others to notice

...or like Thomson would say "being told to notice".




"Self with New Work"   Watercolor   10X8


"Autumn Zen Garden"   Watercolor   10X8


"Painting with Small Drawing"   Watercolor   10X8


"Demand For Impeachment" Watercolor   10X8


"Wind Series, Northern Sun Figure"   Watercolor   10X8


"Eagle Hunter with Scars"   Watercolor   10X8


"Another Eagle Hunter with Scars"   Watercolor   10X8


"Migration Day"   Watercolor   10X8


"Sketch Book Series, a True Story"   Watercolor and photograph   10X8


"Figures in Bondage"   Watercolor   10X8


"Brady Study"   Watercolor   10X8


"Approach to Autumn"   Watercolor   10X8


"Summer Zen Garden"   Watercolor   10X8


"Wind Series, Hawk Count"  Watercolor   10X8


"Chain"   Watercolor   10X8


"Dutch Method"   Watercolor   10X8


"Lost Brady Photo"   Watercolor   10X8


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